"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed." -Linda Wooten

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Earmuff War

OMG ya'll - it is COLD in our neck of the woods. We woke up to temps of 7 degrees with a windchill below zero today. For us southerners - that is CRAZY COLD!! 

Mornings in our house tend to get a little chaotic - my daughters fight ALOT over petty stuff. "She's staring at me" "She made a face at me" "She is sitting too close to me" and it goes on.and.on.

This morning - was no different - in fact, the annoyances were amplified by a two hour delay at school. 

So naturally, just as we're getting ready to walk out the door - the fur flies and the earmuff war begins!!

I told both of my daughters to put on their big coats, gloves and a hat or ear muffs. After the fight over gloves was resolved the earmuff became the center of the Collins Clash. 

All of a sudden, the ear muffs were itchy, they weren't the right ones, "We're not allowed to wear ear muffs at school so I'm NOT wearing these"!

I was DONE.

The fighting was too much! The bad attitudes had to go - so I snapped, just a little bit.

I raised my voice and had an attitude just to tell them how they should not raise they voice and have an attitude...

I got angry. They looked at me bewildered because I became the lunatic going on and on about how they should NOT be lunatics...hypocritical much?

It was not my finest parenting moment and thankfully my husband reigned in my craziness.

I adjusted MY attitude, we made our peace and went about our morning.

Just yesterday I wrote this scripture on a sticky note and posted it on my rearview mirror in my car (because other drivers tend to ruffle my feathers a bit as well) and made the comment that I needed to post it EVERYWHERE. 

So I am going to post it EVERYWHERE so I am reminded ALL THE TIME.

Ouch! God isn't pleased when my daughters fight, argue and get angry with each other and He isn't pleased when I react in anger either.

Somedays I think my kids are teaching me more than I'm teaching them.

What verse helps you get through the day and keep your attitude in check?

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